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      Dwinker is a social network service that is redesigning cocktail and mixology experiences, worldwide. Enjoy unlimited access to the best happy hours, special events, dining experiences, mixology concepts and exclusive cocktail trends, all for free, right on your mobile device.

      Social Cocktail Experiences

      Experience the most cutting-edge
      social experiences with a network that
      boasts the world’s leading experts,
      influencers and mixologists. Not only will
      you expand your mixology appreciation,
      but you will enjoy the most unique and
      memorable social experiments.
      Become a Dwinker, today!

      Exclusive Cocktail Tastings

      All events curated by the Dwinker network
      offer an array of cocktails and drink options.
      Be the first to taste the coolest and most
      refreshing cocktails and sample the newest
      liquor brands before they launch, all free with
      your membership. Join Us!

      New Brand Opportunities

      We welcome all new and existing liquor
      brands and companies to join the fun!
      The Dwinker experience is a lean approach
      that communicates directly with consumers
      with real time data. Brands will see what will
      and what doesn’t work so they can either pivot
      or increase sales and distribution strategies for
      a larger ROI. If your brand is interested in
      becoming part of the Dwinker network,
      don’t hesitate to contact us today.

      Our Service
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      Become part of this revolutionary social experience and get invites to the most exclusive cocktail and mixology events, product launches, and one of kind social experiments worldwide. Join the fun! Tell us about your favorite cocktails.

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